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15TH JUNE 2024


CFN OFF-CHAIN1  Comes to London on 15th June. Submit your email to be one of the first to receive ticket updates, prizes and the latest information



CFN has successfully merged the adrenaline-packed world of boxing with the ever-evolving sphere of crypto in the Middle East. By strategically aligning itself with the sport, CFN has created a symbiotic relationship wherein boxing events serve as a promotional platform for the crypto brand and, in return, the crypto realm provides a fresh source of financial backing and global attention to the sport. This ingenious move not only taps into the massive following of boxing enthusiasts but also resonates with the tech-savvy generation, making it a winning combination in a region that has shown increasing interest in both sectors.


La Perle, the crown jewel of Dubai's nightlife, is the epitome of opulence and grandeur. This premier venue, renowned for hosting the city's most spectacular nightly shows, is a marvel of modern architecture and creative design, making it the pulsating heart of Dubai's entertainment scene. Its interior exudes an air of glamour, with luxurious fittings and state-of-the-art technology combining to create one of the most dazzling sets in the region. Known for its captivating performances that blend the miraculous with the theatrical, La Perle transforms each evening into a mesmerizing spectacle of entertainment. On a special night dedicated to boxing, this venue transcends its usual allure, becoming an electrifying arena where the elegance of high-end entertainment meets the thrilling intensity of professional boxing, offering an unparalleled experience to its distinguished guests.

Al Habtoor City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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